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ride it till the fuckin end [Apr. 11th, 2004|08:14 pm]
Enjoy ThE RiDe

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fuckerssssss!!! hey i am new to this community !! haha i hate when people say that i think that is soo god damn lame and look at me making a fucking hypacrit of myself !! but what is up !! i am in florida and i have fucking bruises and markd all over my legs from the snowboarding season !! i was pissed soo wearing a bathing suit just didnt look as sexy as i was hoping it would !! but i just tell people they are my battle wounds cause they are !! haha this season was fucking awesome i met allot of new people who fucking rock out and i am happy that i overcame my fear of the jumps on new years eve !! that was great !! i miss pk tho i miss all the old times !! like i say to people tho !! the relationships our a lifetime the snowboarding is a season !! but some relationships end when pk ends which sucks ass but ooh well shit happens right !! soo join glorias fucking community dammit and if you dont then i will hunt you down in the neon son !! check ya later !! oooh will gloria or chi call my cell i need to talk to you guys !!
p.s i drove gloria crazy cause i didnt know what to do !! haha i do smoke crack
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Hey! i know its not too hot yet but join anyway..cuz with time it will get better [Apr. 11th, 2004|07:16 pm]
Enjoy ThE RiDe

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somehow u stumbled upon my new lil community..thaT needs alot of work.. but if ur a gangsta or snowboarder or skier..JOIN..this community if based in michigan but ur all welcome..thank u fuckers
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